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Helen’s 5km beginners course was just what I needed to push start my running career. I had never run before starting this course and it was great fun, with achievable goals and I made really fast progress. I would recommend this course to anyone new to running or trying to get fit again. Many thanks Helen
Polly Davies, Beginner 5km and online coaching 2014/15
I'd always run regularly but wanted to speed up my pace and run longer distances, so signed up for an 8 week running course with Helen.  Helen helped me to achieve both of these aims by teaching me a more efficient running technique, doing speed work on the track to get me running quicker, and setting longer distance runs as part of the homework tailored in terms of speed to my fitness. The end of the course was timed to coincide with a 5 mile race which I ran 8 minutes faster than my time the previous year as a result of the course.  The course was really excellent, I would totally recommend it.

Annie Harvey, Speed/Track course June 2014

Runningfit has had a huge impact on my running. I have been running for a while but I didn't seem to be getting any better. It didn't feel any easier! After signing up to do a half marathon for charity I decided I needed some help as I had never run more than a few miles. I joined the Runningfit performance course and after a few sessions with Helen I noticed a huge difference. Helen has improved my technique, my speed, distance and confidence. I would highly recommend Runningfit to anyone who wants to start or improve their running. 

Sue Small, Performance Course, Hampton Court, June 2014
I did the 5km course with Peter and started the Performance classes, but I had to stop because I moved back to my home country. I would like to say that it was fantastic. Peter managed to take me from 10 sec running to 5k in less than 2 months. Moreover, I still run everyday 20-30min, early in the mornings, and I always remember his advice. I am very grateful for all the support Runningfit (and especially Peter) offered me when I was there. 

Many thanks, 

Nara Improate, Lewisham April 2014 


Thanks for everything, you made the training really straight forward and I really enjoyed it!

Rhian Douglas, Lewisham (trained for the 2013 Royal Parks Half Marathon via online coaching)


Helen provides you with the motivation and skills to get running. Having always been a 'plodder', she has helped me with running posture, technique and breathing that is helping me improve my pace and distance. Fantastic!

Vicki Baumann, Hampton Court (July 2013)


This really works! Didn't think I could keep running for 1 min and yet, within 6 weeks, I was running for over 30 minutes (yes, without stoppping!)  The course is well-structured and the group atmosphere is very supportive and non-macho.  Peter, the coach, is very encouraging and clearly enjoys what he does.  Follow your instructions, do your homework and keep showing up.... it really is fun. Quite frankly, if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Alison, 46yrs, Lewisham (February 2013) 


For me, Helen's coaching is all about confidence-building which was exactly what I needed to get my running shoes on. I was finding it almost impossible to get any kind of routine together but being part of a small, friendly group makes this so easy and simple. She makes keeping fit really manageable and fun. 

Felix, Lewisham


I first started Helen’s classes; Power Pramming, about 12 weeks after my son was born, I was eager to gain some of my old shape back and get fit. It was a great introduction back into exercise and really fun and enjoyable. Not only for the exercise, but for the chats with other mums during the cool down and post class coffee!

I developed a good stamina and began feeling much fitter and healthier very quickly and joined another of Helen’s classes, Mummy Fit, in the evenings. It was here that I really began to develop a good fitness level and felt really challenged. Helen has a way of pushing and developing your fitness without you really being aware of it! It was here that I made some friends for life; we see each other socially all the time.  Again, due to the challenge of the class, the variety of the exercises and consistency of me attending, I felt even fitter and was ready for a bigger challenge.  I decided to join Helen’s Saturday morning Running Fit classes and over 6 weeks moved from being able to run 1500m to 5Km in under half an hour. I was amazed that Helen’s skills, knowledge, experience and expertise had managed to get me to run this distance in such as short space of time.

Helen was confident that I could increase the distance, and never one to resist a challenge, I signed up to the 10km class, with other ladies from the Mummy Fit class. With Helen’s guidance and support we totally surprised ourselves and made the 10km in 6 weeks in under an hour- just! We also learnt safe ways of running, good warm up and cool downs and valuable nutrition advice too. We were hooked!

I really enjoyed Helen’s classes and having never really been a runner previously, couldn’t believe how Helen managed to train me up to 10km standard in so little time. The running classes take a bit of dedication and I regularly found myself running in rain and even heavy snow wondering how easily Helen had managed to persuade me that it was for the greater good! This is one of Helen’s skills though, she believes that you can achieve and therefore you can and it’s contagious! Me and the friends I’d made at Helen’s other classes became a little running team, completing the Running Fit ‘homework’ session together in the evening.

 I would highly recommend Helen’s classes, at any level of fitness and any age, from absolute beginner, to pre-baby running enthusiast, as you will be surprised what you can achieve in a short space of time with a little determination! It was great when I began to look and feel much better and that was thanks to Helen’s classes. 

It’s not just for mums though, Helen’s running classes also trained my husband to a half marathon; something we both thought would never be possible!

Thank you Helen, you are very very good at what you do! 

Melanie Anderman, Lewisham


I was always terrible at running at and, at the age of 40 have completely surprised myself with what I can do through Helen and Peter's great coaching. I've gone from running literally a few steps to being able to do 15k.  Aiming to run 5k seemed a huge goal at first, but with support target easily reached and now I think nothing of running it.  What makes this all so manageable and doable for just about anyone are the way that courses are so sensibly organised and how everyone is encouraged at every step of the way, tailored to all abilities.  As well as lower blood pressure, some weight loss and being able to run for the odd train, I've made some great friends.  Overall, I'm fitter, healthier and happier. 

Emily Holzhausen, Lewisham 

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