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RUNNINGFITness Classes

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Locations: Hampton Court train station

Day: Friday mornings 

This is a fun mixed ability group. Whether you are just starting running or you can already run 5km, our weekly RUNNINGFITness classes will help you to improve your cardio vascular fitness and muscular strength. A variety of exercises and drills will be used to help you achieve this; 
  • Running specific exercises- these will help you build up your running muscle strength particularly the inner core and leg muscles.
  • Running drills – these will help develop and improve your running technique. 
  • Running session- this will include a variety of different training techniques to include: intervals, fartlek, hills, speed and tempo sessions.
Alternatively you can pay as you go which is £10 per session.
Want to get back into running? Want to improve your running? You can do it! sign up for our RUNNINGFITness classes.
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