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Preparing for your course

What to bring

Please bring as little as you can apart from what you require for running, or can hold yourself. There are no storage facilities at our locations. 

What to wear

  • Shoes: You need a properly fitted pair of running shoes to provide you with the correct support and help prevent some injuries. (If it is your first time running, we understand you may not have new trainers.) Go to a specialist running shop to get fitted.
  • Clothing: Please wear loose attire, ideally a running shirt or t-shirt, and shorts, leggings, or jogging bottoms, with an extra layer to keep warm at the beginning of the session. You require different clothing depending on the weather; unfortunately, it is a bit of trial and error. We recommend the onion layering system: If it is cold, wear several layers you can peel off and tie around your waist. You can buy running clothing that helps wick away sweat and also dries quickly. Ladies, you need to wear a sports bra. If the weather is cold, you may wish to wear gloves and hats too.
  • Drinks: You need either a basic water bottle or a running bottle, which you can buy cheaply at running shops for about £3. It is important to remain hydrated during your session with water or an isotonic fluid (a drink with 4-8% sugar and some salt). 
  • Watch: You need a stopwatch for the course. In the second week, the running group spreads out and you need to keep time to know when to stop and start running. You can buy a basic digital watch with a stopwatch function (you might have this facility on your mobile phone), or you can buy a specific GPS running watch or foot pod.

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