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Ladywell Arena Performance Course

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Locations: Ladywell Arena or Ladywell Fields

Day: Saturday morning

This course is designed for individuals who can run 5 km (without stopping) and who want to improve their endurance and speed. The programme is broken down into three runs (two of which are given as homework): 

  • Long run: To build up your running endurance.
  • Tempo run: To increase your lactate threshold. 
  • Speed work: To improve your leg turn over and help you pick it up during a run. Speed sessions take place either at Ladywell Arena (track fee is included in the cost of the course) or in Ladywell Fields
This course offers advanced instruction in:
  • running and breathing techniques
  • running drills
  • appropriate stretching
  • running up and down hills
  • warm up and cool down
  • optimum nutrition and hydration for running

This course uses slightly different training techniqes each time and is continually altered to allow individuals to keep on improving their performance in a motivating group setting. 

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The May 2015 course will be taking place in Ladywell Fields

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