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Running form and speed development course

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Location: Claygate Recreation Ground, KT10 0JP

Day: Monday evenings

So you can run 20 min non stop and want to keep on improving your running but are not sure how.

RUNNINGFIT has developed the perfect course to help you run better and faster.

We use a mixture of running technique work as well as drills and strength and conditioning to get you running as well as you can. The face to face sessions also use speed and fartlek work to improve your speed. 

Join our 12 week course starting soon and come and see how much you can improve your running and achieve your running goals. 

As well as a face to face session, each week you will be given some running homework which will help you be the best runner you can be.
Here's a break down of the types of sessions we use to help improve your running:
Speed session: These sessions are typically the face to face sessions and help you improve your leg speed and your ability to "pick it up" in a race. It will train your body to work at a higher heart rate than you are used to using your aerobic energy pathway.
Tempo session: These will improve your lactic threshold (the point at which your body reverts to using the lactic energy system and produces lactic acid) and train you to run for longer periods at a higher level of intensity. 
Long run: This will improve your VO2 max and resistance to fatigue. VO2 max is the maximal ability of an individuals to take in, transport and utilise O2 during exercise using the aerobic energy systems. As you become fitter, your VO2 max improves. You will therefore be able to run for longer without fatigue.
Want to improve your speed and running form, but not sure how? Book our running form and speed development course.
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NOTE: There will be no course on Mon 26th Oct

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