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Courses tailored to you.

We offer men and women—of all running abilities—group courses, and one-to-one or group private sessions. Our group courses are fun and motivating, and you may even make some life-long running buddies along the way.

Our fully structured and supported courses guide you to improve your running safely. Our qualified instructors take you back to basics and teach you how to make progress with running, and how to run more efficiently by eliminating bad habits. 

  • Beginner and Intermediate courses follow a simple walk-run system: We gradually reduce your walking time and increase your running time, looking at how to adapt when running up and downhill. We introduce running drills to improve your running technique. 
  • Our Running form and speed development course uses running drills and three quality runs each week to improve your running form and speed.
  • Our Personal Training sessions, whether one-to-one or a group private session, are designed to give you individual attention at the time and place you choose.
Running strengthens your bones, alleviates depression, relieves stress, and builds self-esteem. With RUNNINGFIT, you will have a great time while you're at it.



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